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For the ultimate Borgata gaming experience, download our desktop gaming app. It’s quick, easy and totally secure.

It's easy to play!

Got questions? Check out our step-by-step guide and get the lowdown on how easy it is to start playing online securely with Borgata.

Get in on the action

Registering is easy. Once you sign up, you can start playing right away in your browser, or for a more intense gaming experience, download our desktop gaming app.

Why Borgata Poker

We treat poker playing on BorgataPoker.com the same as playing in Borgata’s poker room. BorgataPoker.com offers a complete online poker experience with cash games, Fast Forward, Sit and Go, and multi-table tournaments.


How does it work?

Our desktop gaming app is the best in the business.
Secure, reliable and totally action-packed.