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Software features

BORGATAPOKER.COM believes you won’t find an easier and more player-focused poker room than ours. We are constantly reviewing and updating our software to ensure that you have the best experience possible while playing on our tables.

Here you can learn what great new features and innovations we've added to our tables and software, as well as the hundreds of options available to create your perfect poker experience.

New Features

FastForward Poker

“FastForward” is the latest exciting poker offering from BORGATAPOKER.COM and the fastest way to play poker online.

In FastForward, you buy into a “pool” of players who are all looking to play the same game. Each hand you are dealt into will be against a new group of players. Removing the wait between hands, FastForward lets you play more hands in a shorter amount of time. Once you fold a hand in FastForward, you are instantly moved to a new table where a new hand is waiting for you.

FastForward also gives you the opportunity to ‘Fast Fold” during a hand. This allows a player to fold a hand before the action hits them, which reduces waiting time even further.

FastForward games can be found in the main lobby under the “FastForward’ tab. Click here for more Fast Forward information.

Single-Click Session Options for Multi-tabling

This feature allows players who play on multiple tables to sit out at all tables or fold and post blinds at all tournaments with a single click and at one place, rather than selecting the option at each table individually. The highlighted icon in the image below shows you where you need to click to be able to access the Single-Click Session Options for Multi-tabling.

Single click

More information on Single-Click Session Options for Multi-tabling.

Anonymous Heads-Up

To make the game even more thrilling, we're introducing new heads-up tables called “Anonymous Heads-Up.”

The exciting part about these tables is that players won’t know whom they're playing against. Your opponent's real screen name will be anonymous to you; the screen name that you do see will be a pseudonym.

Highlighting pro players

From now on, our pro players will be highlighted on the tables where they are playing. You will be able to spot a pro player by a special chip icon on their avatar.

Pro players will also be highlighted with a chip icon before their screen name in the “Player Info” box in the main lobby for cash games, and under “All Players'”in the tournament lobby.

Fold and Show

Another new exciting feature is “Fold and Show,” which will allow players to reveal one or both of their hole cards after folding in a situation when a hand has been won uncontested, or when no future betting can occur after the fold. This will help create an experience that is similar to live poker.

If you would like to disable this feature, you can do so by going to Preferences > Table Options > General Options and unchecking the “Enable Fold and Show Feature” option.

Adding MTT/STT lobby to a table's chat area

For your convenience, we brought the tournament lobby onto your table.

You will be able to see the following MTT information about your tournament in the chat area:

  • Chips in Play
  • Largest Stack
  • Smallest Stack
  • Average Stack
  • Your Position
  • Next Break
  • • Time Bank Balance

On your STT table, you will see the following information under the “Tourney Info” tab:

  • Chips in Play
  • Largest Stack
  • Smallest Stack
  • Average Stack
  • Your Position
  • Time Bank Balance

Tournament Features

We’ve enhanced the Tournament Lobby

Now you can see the following information in the Tournament Lobby before your chosen tournament starts:

  • Starting chips:_____
  • Blind levels: ___minutes
  • Rebuys/Add-ons: Yes/No
  • Synchronized breaks: On/Off

We now pay out in tournament dollars

You can now choose whether you’d like to get paid in tournament dollars, cash, or reroll entries. You can use tournament dollars to buy in to any of our real-money tournaments and Sit ‘n’ Gos.

Check how many tournament dollars you have by visiting your account overview at any time.

Shootout satellites

We’re always striving to add more excitement to your time at BORGATAPOKER.COM. That’s why we’ve combined two of our favorite types of tournaments to bring you the Shootout satellite.

Offering a shot at big prizes while you enjoy some breakneck poker action, these new tournaments will give you a truly unique buzz. The two types of Shootout satellites you can get stuck into are:

  • Double Shootout
  • Triple Shootout

Late registration status in the Lobby

Tournaments that allow late registration will now be shown in the Lobby with a :”Late Reg.” status. It will also be found under both the “Running” and “Registering” filters.

Un-registration end time for Tournaments

A field named “Un-registration ends” has been added under the "Tournament Info" section. It is displayed on the right-hand side of the main lobby. This field will display the time left for un-registration from the selected tournament.

Late Registration

Late registration is great for those who sometimes lose track of time. It enables players to get involved in a tournament even after the tournament has already begun.

BORGATAPOKER.COM is now enhancing late registration. We will offer some tournaments with late registration up to six levels into the tournament, with late registration remaining open even if some players have been knocked out.

Tournament Registration from Website

Players can register for a tournament directly from the website without launching the client. Go to the “Tournament Schedule” page and register for your favorite tournaments by clicking on the “Register” button.

Synchronized Breaks

We are introducing “Synchronized Breaks” for tournaments that will give you the chance to get a five-minute break during every hour of tournament play.

New MTT Lobby

Key Features:

  • New tournament clock-style interface
  • New easier-to-read interface
  • Faster updates for prize pool and chip stacks
  • Track your position
  • Search for a player

Heads-up Tournaments

Avoid the crowds and face your opponents one-on-one in our heads-up tournaments.

Tournament calendar

Receive alerts for any tournament you have registered for via the new tournament calendar. Access your calendar in the lobby.

Tournament Dollars

BORGATAPOKER.COM is introducing Tournament Dollars (T$). If you win multiple entries to tournaments, any extra entries will be exchanged for Tournament Dollars, which you can use to buy-in to any real money or Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments.

Auto buy-in

Auto buy-in allows players to automatically buy-in to cash games and Sit & Go tables without having to use the buy-in window.

Table Features

Bet Slider improvements

We're introducing an improved “Bet slider” feature on our no-limit Texas Hold'em tables, which makes it easier than ever to bet the amount you want. Players now have the option to select one of three different types of bet sliders. Check them out in the :”Bet sliders” area under “Table options’”

They are:

  • The classic linear slider: the default setting. The midway point in the slider is the mid-point of your table balance.
  • Midway: with this option, the pot size is the midway point in the slider.
  • Exponential: choose this and the slider will rapidly increase to match your table balance.

Statistics overhaul

The “Statistics” feature has been updated to track your performance in more detail. You can now track your performance by table-type and game-type.

Receive more detail at every stage of a hand.

Your actions: track where you fold, check, call, raise and re-raise during the hands of your total games played. We will also show you where you fold, as a percentage of your hands played.

The final section displays a summary of your win percentage, showing where and how you win.

Statistics can be reset at any time and they will be tracked from the last time the statistics were reset.

Stacking Console (Beta)

We have added “Stacking” to the tiling and cascading table layout options. Stacking allows players to place or stack all the tables on top of one another, while navigating from table to table using the stacking console.

The main features are:

• Table list with relative position and timer alerts

  • Concise and clear hand-history
  • Details of the players still in the hand including their order to act allowing for quick positional assessment and previous action overlay
  • Active console table with embedded action buttons
  • Tables requiring attention, based on the time to act, clearly displayed
  • Toggle between two tables with our “Previous Table” button

Player notes

Making notes on your opponents just got easier: double-click on the player’s image at the table to open the “Notes” section with their name already entered in the “Select Player” field.

Hand History Replayer

Indulge in your technique. Review your past hands with the help of “Hand History Replayer,” which lets you look back at all the action just as it happened at the table.

Time banks

Time banks are now available in ring games.

Table focus at action

There are three options for the table focus under Preferences>Multi-tabling>Timeout Settings:

  • Table jumping to front at action.
  • Table taking focus at action.
  • Table stays in focus until action is completed.

‘Remember table layout’ feature

Once enabled, this feature will remember the layout of your tables when you close them and will open new tables at the same size and in the same position. If you change the layout of your tables, it will open your next new table in the same position as the last one you closed.

To activate this feature, tick the “Remember Table Layout” check box under “Preferences>General>General Options.” It will then remember the table layout last used on the specific computer you are playing on. Layouts will also be remembered for your secondary monitor, if you have one.

New decks

We have introduced three new deck designs so you can further customise your playing experience.


Select from different themes for both our modern and classic tables, allowing you to easily distinguish between the types of games you are playing.

We have also introduced brand-new player avatars for the classic table.

Equal Prize Tournaments

All Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments with multiple top prizes of equal value, such as Double or Nothing tournaments, will now end as soon as only those prize-winning players remain. Leader board points will be awarded based on rank at the time of the tournament’s conclusion.

Speed tables

Join speed tables out of position without having to wait for the big blind. We have also introduced the option to sit out at the next big blind.

Nine-Seat Tables

We are happy to introduce nine-seat cash game tables for no-limit and pot-limit Hold’em tables and pot-limit Omaha. We will introduce nine-seat Sit & Go tournaments soon.

Super Speed Games

Enjoy even more action with our Super Speed Games that let you play more poker in less time. You have just nine seconds to act – that’s nine seconds to calculate pot odds, put your opponents on a hand, and decide if you want to play, making these games exclusive to the smartest players around.

Super Speed Games features:

  • • Less time to act
  • • Automatically posted blinds
  • • After you sit down, you’ll only be dealt in once you’ve posted a big blind
  • • You can post the big blind out of position by unchecking the “Wait for Big Blind” option.

Keyboard shortcuts

We came up with some great keyboard shortcuts to make playing poker with us a breeze.

Find out more about the keyboard shortcuts here.

Lobby Features

Multi-monitor support

Multi-monitor support is now available, making multi-tabling even easier to manage.

Quick Seat and keyboard shortcuts

The functionality of both these features has been improved, allowing you to get to your game and act quicker.

Play-money chips now limited 250,000

Due to a number of illegal sites selling play-money chips, we’ve decided to limit the maximum number you can log in with. If you leave our software having won more than 250,000 chips, your balance will be capped at 250,000 the next time you log in. We apologize for any inconvenience caused but hope you will understand the necessity for thus and still enjoy the action at our play-money tables.

Player Dialogue to be removed from the Lobby

Since we now embed players’ information into the Lobby, both the “Show Player info dialogue” checkbox and the dialogue it opens will be removed.

Lobby Views

The Lobby views give you two different ways to find the tables and tournaments you want to play.

Quick seat

Get into the action faster by using the new Quick Seat feature.