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Multitable Features

Multi-tabling at BORGATAPOKER.COM is nothing like multi-tasking in real life. We’ve got plenty of tools to help you master it and they’re all right here.

Opening new tables

Opening multiple tables is as easy as holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key and clicking the tables you want to play in the lobby. When you’ve got all the ones you want hit the ‘Open table(s)’ button or the ‘Return’ key and you’re away.

You can change the lobby preferences to keep the lobby full size when you open your first table too meaning you can keep selecting other tables before you play.

If you’re not sure which other tables to play simply hit the ‘Open table’ button and we’ll find you one based on the table you’re currently playing on. We’ll check everything from the game and the table stakes to players taking part to make sure you’re happy. Easy peasy.

Managing your tables

You’ll always be in control of your tables at BORGATAPOKER.COM. In fact the most difficult decision might just be working out the best way to manage them.

‘Cascade’ multiple tables into rows or ‘Tile’ them across your entire screen. If you’re feeling creative you can re-size them yourself and if it all goes wrong just hit ‘Default table size’ to make everything go back to normal.

You can even sort your open tables on screen with filters like game type or average pot size. So how you see the game is completely in your hands. Or at your fingertips, we should say.

Using two monitors

We can now automatically detect when you’re using two screens, meaning cascading or tiling your tables across both has never been simpler.

If you prefer to just use one monitor you can choose the ‘Use primary monitor only’ option in your preferences.

Stay alert

We make sure you’re always aware of what’s going on with our alert system. And with loads of options, how we get your attention is completely up to you.

Whether it’s your turn or you’re running out of time to make your mind up you’ll know about it with our time-out alerts.

Plus, we’ll give you a heads up when something important happens at one of your tables:

  • The Good hand alert will let you know if you’re dealt a great hand
  • The Big pot alert will be triggered if the pot reaches a certain size
  • The Raise sequence alert will go off if we notice any loose betting patterns

As soon as an alert activates, you’ll know all about it, trust us.

It’s your turn

Give the 'Your turn' button a click when it appears above the action area of the table and you’ll jump straight to the next table you can act on.

Keep ‘Ctrl’ while multi-tabling

Hold down ‘Ctrl’ to keep your current table at the front of the screen so you can finish your move. Release it and the next table that requires your attention will jump into focus.

That’s just one of our keyboard shortcuts. If you want to find out the rest, check out the full list below.