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Table Preview

To help you find the table that’s right for you quickly and easily, you can now preview the live action at our tables from the Lobby. That means you won’t have to open a full table before making the decision to join the game.

To see what’s going on at a table, just click the ‘Preview’ icon which will appear on the left-hand side of the table row you have selected. Your chosen table will appear after a short loading screen. It will stay open for 60 seconds so you can then take a look at the seated players and check out the play at the table. A timer will let you know how long you have left before the window closes.

The preview screen lets you:

  1. Open the table by clicking the ‘Open table’ button
  2. Join the action straight directly by clicking an empty seat
  3. Add the table to your favorites
  4. Join the table waitlist
  5. Quit the waitlist if you’re reviewing a table you’re currently waiting to join

If you want to take a look at another table, just select another row, and click the preview icon again.

You can see table previews when you’re searching the Lobby using the Quick Seat feature, the ‘Browse’ Lobby view, and the ‘List’ Lobby view.