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How to play

Start Playing

From the basics of Texas Hold ‘Em to poker strategy, tournament types and more, we’ve got the info that will get you in the game.

Game basics

Just learning how to play poker online? We’ve got all the game basics covered in an easy-to-follow guide. From all the rules you need to know to understanding the mechanics of a typical hand, start right here.

Game Types

If you don’t know your muck from your flop, knowing where to start could be even more confusing. Before you play online poker and jump onto just any table, take the time to understand all the different game types available to play online.

Supplemental materials

How do you play poker? Hopefully like a champ. If not, up your game with some extra knowledge. Brush up on the poker lingo you need to talk like a pro and get the inside scoop on how to not only make your bankroll last, but build it too.

Poker games

Texas Hold’em is the most popular type of poker, but if this isn’t your game, or you’re looking for some variety in your card game, we have plenty of other exciting poker style to play online at Borgata Poker or on the mobile app.