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Who says learning can’t be fun?

As it is true with most things, poker is easy when you know how to play. You can learn all the basics here or, if you consider yourself a pro in the making, there’s advanced tips to look into, too.

Poker basics

Never even seen a poker chip before? Start from scratch in Basic Poker Rules and pick up the simple info you need to start playing in just a few minutes.


Win a tournament will earn you some serious “table cred.” Find out more about tournament types and try your skills out in one of our many daily tournaments.

Multi-table tournaments

Multiple players playing at multiple tables until just one card king (or queen) is crowned winner. Find out how to become one here.

Sit & Go tournaments

Get the lowdown on how to get quicker tournament play in these fast-paced games. These mini tournaments are also perfect for finding your poker feet.

Cash games

Find out more about the format where every bet counts because you’re always playing for money, not a prize or a place.

Advanced theories

For experienced players only! Work out how to get in your opponents’ heads and other smart playing techniques.