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Game types

You've mastered the basics so now it's time to get you playing like the pros and oozing confidence. We've got guides to improve every facet of your game so by the time you've studied this section there'll be nothing to worry you when it's time to shuffle up and deal.

Strategy And Tactics To Help You Win

How do you turn yourself from a fish and into a highly-regarded opponent who knows what they're doing? It's all here. Use the information these guides offer and watch your game improve in no time.

Managing your stack on the table is one thing, but you've also got to look after your money off it. Careful bankroll management is vital if you want to be a good player so make sure you're clued up.

Nobody can doubt the glamour and allure of a big-money tournament but how do you ensure you're not down and out after the first hand? We've got all the vital information that will help you go deep in the tournament format.

Fed up of the more experienced players having poker secrets they just won't give up? We've uncovered loads of hints and tips that will help you beat them at their own game. Be warned; you're going to ruffle a few feathers with these.