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Fixed limit Hold'em

Fixed Limit Hold’em is the old school game of choice for poker players. It plays out in the same way Texas Hold’em does, with the only difference being how you bet.

Limit poker is mainly played on cash games and the specific betting limits are usually mentioned in the table name. A $2/4 table will have betting increments of $2 and $4. The first figure is used for the first two betting rounds and the second amount for the final two rounds.

Blinds for this table would be $1 and $2 as the big blind on a limit table is always the same size of the small bet.

Here’s a quick example:

If you are the first to bet on a $2/4 table, you can only bet $2. The next person to act can fold, call, or raise to a total of $4. If a third player wanted to re-raise, their total bet would be $6. This $2 limit applies to both pre-flop and post-flop betting.

On the turn and river, the bet limit moves up to the higher bet limit, which in our particular example would be $4.

In Limit, the number of raises per round is limited as well, usually at four. However, players should make sure to find out what the limit is on the table when they sit down. With its two specified betting limits, this is a very subtle version of poker and you likely won’t find any maverick bets of ‘all in’ here.