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Online Poker Tournament Leaderboard

Online Tournament Leaderboard

Date: March 1 - 31

The BorgataPoker.com Online Poker Tournament Leaderboard (OLTLB) promotion features our daily MTT tournament schedule during a specified timeframe.

The OLTLB is designed to reward participation. Every online tournament entry earns valuable leaderboard points, with bonus points awarded based on cash place finished, tournament buy-in amount and total number of tournament entries.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 100 places.

Qualify March 1- 31, 2018 

Play in any qualifying daily Multi Table Tournament and earn valuable BorgataPoker.com Online Tournament Leaderboard points.

Top 100 places win a share of over $11,000 in prizes (land-based & online tournament entries, cash and online tournament dollars).

How It Works

Qualify March 1 - 31, 2018 .

  • For every qualifying BorgataPoker.com online tournament, you will be awarded Tournament Leaderboard Points (TLP).
  • Every time you cash in a qualifying BorgataPoker.com online tournament, you will be awarded Tournament Leaderboard Bonus Points (TLBP).
  • The amount of points varies depending on the buy-in amount of the tournament, the number of entries and the position in which you finish in the money.

The formula used to determine the total points awarded to a player for any given tournament is:
BorgataPoker.com Tournament Leaderboard Points = (TLP + TLBP) * p * b

TLP is the number of points awarded for each entry.
TLBP is the cash place finished bonus points.
p is the participation factor (based on total number of tournament entries).
b is the buy-in amount factor (based on the tournament buy-in amount).

The BorgataPoker.com online tournament ranking formula is designed to reward participation and performance.


1 $215 Sunday $40K | $215 Sunday $40K | $109 Daily $10K | $55 online entry | $500 TD$ $1,094
2 $215 Sunday $40K | $215 Sunday $40K | $109 Daily $10K | $55 online entry | $300 TD$ $894
3 $215 Sunday $40K | $215 Sunday $40K | $109 Daily $10K | $55 online entry | $200 TD$ $794
4 $215 Sunday $40K | $215 Sunday $40K | $109 Daily $10K | $200 TD$ $739
5 $215 Sunday $40K | $109 Daily $10K tournament | $55 online entry | $150 TD$ $529
6 $215 Sunday $40K | $109 Daily $10K tournament | $100 TD$ $424
7 $215 Sunday $40K | $109 Daily $10K tournament | $75 TD$ $399
8 $215 Sunday $40K | $75 TD$ $290
9 $215 Sunday $40K | $50 TD$ $265
10 $109 Daily $10K tournament | $50 TD$ $159
11 $109 Daily $10K tournament | $25 TD$ $134
12-15 $109 Daily $10K tournament | $15 TD$ $124 EACH
16-25 $109 Daily $10K tournament $109 EACH
26-50 $75 TD$ each $75 EACH
51-75 $50 TD$ each $50 EACH
76-100 $25 TD$ each $25 EACH

Terms & conditions

  • This promotion runs from March 1 - 31, 2018.
  • This promotion is offered and subject to and conditional upon the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s continuing regulatory approval of the BorgataPoker.com site. In the event that such regulatory approval is withdrawn for any reason prior to the end of the promotion, the promotion shall be null and void.
  • Players must register and participate in qualifying Multi-Table tournament(s) in order to earn Leaderboard points.
  • BorgataPoker.com reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion in its entirety or exclude any individual or individuals from participation, if it determines at its sole discretion that there are any irregularities or abuses occurring in connection with the promotion.
  • For tournament dollars, winners of the Leaderboard promotion will be credited their winnings within 5 business days of the conclusion of the promotion.
  • For online entries: all entries must be used within 30 days of promotion and are not transferable. In the event a player does not redeem his/her entry, it will be forfeited. Non-transferable, non-negotiable. No Cash Value. No Refunds.
  • To be eligible you must be 21 years of age or older and playing within the state of New Jersey.
  • To be eligible all personal and contact data associated with your account must be verifiable.
  • All prizes are reportable for tax purposes.
  • General BorgataPoker.com tournament rules apply.
  • General BorgataPoker.com terms and conditions apply.