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Game fairness

Game fairness

Are the games fair, random and tested?

Yes, this is not only very important to us, it is also the law. For more information on game fairness and the random number generator, please see our Terms of Service.

How can I be sure that two or more players are not colluding?

Please see our Terms of Service for more information on our Unfair Advantage Policy.

Players on some tables claim they can see other players’ cards. Is this true?

No. The recognition procedures built into our software detects any kind of tampering. The information regarding the community cards is sent by our game servers to all players’ computers. The information containing a player's hole cards is sent solely to that particular player's computer. It is not possible for another player to obtain this information and thereby read your cards.

Is it safe for me to send my personal and financial information to BorgataPokerthrough the Internet?

Yes. We use strong encryption to ensure a high level of privacy and confidentiality, and to avoid interception or alteration of your information during transmission. For more information on safety and security, please read our Security Statement.

What are the terms and conditions of use that govern my account?

Upon opening an account, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of use at BorgataPoker. You reaffirm your consent to these each time you log in. In the event that you do not agree to the terms, or any amendments or modifications made to them, you will either be unable to open an account, or you will be obliged to close your existing account.

Do you ever ask me for my password or security answer over a phone call or email?

No, we would never ask for such information over the phone or via emails. Please do not disclose your password to any individual/organization claiming to represent any of our brands. If you receive an email or telephone call from anyone asking you to provide your password, please report it to us immediately.

Is it legal for me to play at BorgataPoker?

It is legal to play from within the borders of New Jersey. We are regulated and licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.