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Play money gaming

Play money gaming

What has happened to my play money chip balance?

We don't maintain transaction and game records for play money games. We only retain these records for real money games. However, your play chip balance will be updated after each hand.

How can I accumulate play money chips in my account?

The only way to accumulate play money chips is to play our games. Chips cannot be transferred to your account from any other source.

How do I add play money chips?

If your play balance is zero, please click on any open seat and select “Add play $” in the “Buy-in” window. You won't be able to get more play money chips if:,

  • You are in the middle of a hand

  • You are only viewing a table

  • You are playing in a tournament
  • To add more chips while seated at a play money table, click on the “Rebuy” tab and then on the “Add more chips” button. You must leave a 5-minute gap between each request for additional chips.