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General lobby questions

Can I access all the lobby features if I'm not logged in?

No. Some features will be disabled or inactive, such as joining tournaments and waitlists, as well as accessing and adding favorites. All users will be prompted to sign in when attempting to access these features.

How do I select a game?

Players can choose which type of game to play by using the tabbed navigation area at the top of the lobby, featuring the Play Now, Cash games, fastforward, Sit ‘n’ Gos, Tournaments and Play Money tabs. By selecting one of these tabs, players will be taken to the relevant games.

If I see an inactive button, what does this mean?

Inactive buttons either mean that a specific feature is not available because you are not logged in, or that you have already selected the feature.

Why are some of the games/tables in different colors?

This is an additional sorting option, useful for identifying similar tournaments and game types.

Can I see which tables I have previously opened?

In the Classic View, a “tick” icon will indicate which tables you have opened. Ticks will only be visible for the current session.

How do I open a selected table?

Double-click your desired table or right-click and select “open table.”

What happens when I select the “Hide full tables” option?

The system will sort the table results to hide tables that are full.

How do I resize the column widths?

Drag a column border to the required width. All columns are resizable.

When I resize column widths, will they be saved?

No, they will be lost when you log out or close the poker client.

How do I activate/deactivate columns?

If you right-click on the table header, a pop-up box will appear with options to delete, edit or sort the column.

How do I go back to the default settings?

When you right-click on a table header, you will have the option to reset all columns back to default.

What is the difference between the different lobby views?

1-Click Lobby View offers the most streamlined way to access games and tournaments; the table is only one click away. The Classic View allows players to access a list view of tables and tournaments, offering more control over game selection.

What is 1-Click Lobby?

The 1-Click Lobby leads the player directly to the desired tables — the first step in making it a lot more convenient and carefree. It provides a much easier interface, making many of the tricky decisions for you and taking you to the right table more quickly than in the Classic View. Players will have a variety of games shown, and will simply need to click once on “Play Now” to start the cash game or “Register” to play a tournament.

The lobby also displays a select number of games to the first-time user, including Cash games, fastforward, Sit ‘n’ Gos and tournaments, making it easier for the new player to choose. There is an option to see more games by clicking on Cash games/fastforward/Sit’n’ Gos/Tournaments tab. Players can scroll on these lobbies to view more games and tournaments.2

What does the tile represent in 1-Click Lobby?

1-Click Lobby will group tables by stake level, seats, and game type into a single tile. On a mouse hover, the tile will flip and the “Play Now” button at the back of the tile will automatically seat a player at a selected table type.

Can I view my recommended, last played and favorite games if I am not logged in?

No, you will not be able to see these games if you haven’t signed in. Once you do, you will see your recommended, last played, and favorite games.

Can I join a game if I am not logged in?

You will not be able to play without signing in. If you click on “Play Now” prior to signing in, the sign in dialogue will appear. As soon as you sign in, we will seat you at your chosen game table.

Where do I enter the buy-in amount to sit at the cash game?

On the back of the tile, you will have the default buy-in amounts selected. The default buy-in amount selected for No Limit/Pot Limit games is maximum, and the default buy-in for Limit games is 5 times the minimum. If you wish, you can change the default amount and enter a custom buy-in amount in the text box before clicking “Play Now.”

When I click on “Play now,” it shows the loading animation for a longer time than usual. What should I do in such cases?

The program may take a while, looking for alternative tables. In case it does take too long, the query will eventually time out and you should try again.

How do I add a favorite?

By clicking on the “Favorite” icon at the top right corner of the back of the tile, it will change to a highlighted state, which indicates the tile is added as your favorite.

How do I delete a favorite?

Click on the highlighted “Favorite” icon at the top right corner of the back of the tile. Once it is no longer highlighted, it will be removed from your favorites.

How can I access the favorites?

Go to the “Favorites” tab (represented by a “Favorite” icon) in the lobby and you will be able to see all the games that you have added as favorite.

Why won't the system let me add another favorite?

It’s possible you have reached the maximum of 20 favorites.

Can I filter the games in 1-Click Lobby?

There are no filters available in the “Play Now” tab. However in the 1-Click Cash Games/fastforward/Sit ‘n’ Gos/Tournament tabs you can click on the “Filters” in top right corner of the lobby and customize your lobby. At least one option has to be selected in each filter option.

What does the “Recommended” tag mean?

It means we recommend that you play on a particular game, based on your game play history.

What does the “Bonus table” tag mean?

It means you have been awarded a bonus to play on those game types. Playing on these games will automatically release your bonus to your account.

What does the “Featured” tag mean?

You will see this tag on some of our most popular tournaments.