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What are keyboard shortcuts and why do I need them?

Keyboard shortcuts provide an alternative way to play your game. If you prefer using your keyboard rather than your mouse, then this is the feature for you!

How do I use keyboard shortcuts?

On the keyboard shortcuts page,you'll find a detailed table of all keyboard shortcut commands.

Is there any difference between using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts?

No. You can do exactly the same things with your keyboard shortcuts as you can do with your mouse.

Why don't keyboard shortcuts work on my computer?

You need to activate them in your Options (see lobby). Once activated, they will work for all your tables.

Can I use shortcuts on both the new and classic table?


When using keyboard shortcuts, other tables that have the action are not coming to the front anymore. Why is that?

This occurs to protect you from making a decision on the wrong table. While the “Ctrl” button is pressed, other tables do not jump to the front. For example, if you are about to bet on table 1 with the “Ctrl” key pressed when table 2 gets the action, table 1 stays in front to give you the visibility to make a decision.

Can alerts be disabled completely?

While big pot, hot hand and betting pattern alerts can be disabled, you will always have your time-out alert enabled. This is important to notify you of your need to act to stay in the game.

What if there are too many alerts going off, and I can't concentrate on the game anymore?

Just modify or disable some of your alerts options. You have full control over the alerts you want to use.

What is the “Menu” in the title bar for?

The “Menu” combines features to better manage your open tables, such as sorting tables according to different criteria or remembering your preferred order.

What is the “Open table” button top-center of the table screen?

This provides you with an easy way to open new tables directly from your current table. You do not have to go back to the lobby to open a table. Clicking on “Open table” lets you open a new table similar to the currently open table or from your favorites. Read more at the multi-table info page.

How can I change my table size?

You can manually resize your table by dragging the bottom-right corner of the table.

How can I put my table back to its original size?

Click the default table size on the menu option in the title bar, and the table will go back to its initial dimension.

When cascading and tiling, the order of my tables changes. How can I stop this?

Use the “Remember current table order” option in the table's “Manage” menu. This way any tiling and cascading will remain in its current order.