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Tournament Rebuys

Tournament Rebuys

Do you run rebuy and add-on tournaments?

We do. Some of our multi-table tournaments allow players to purchase extra chips during a tournament. A rebuy is only available until a specified time and only to players who are at or below their original chip count. The first add-on is available to all players at the end of the rebuy period, regardless of their chip count. Tournaments will either allow both methods for boosting your chip count, or just rebuys. If a tournament allows rebuys or add-ons, this fact will be displayed in the tournament Lobby. The details will be displayed upon selecting the tournament.

What is the crash settlement policy if the tournament crashes during the add-on period?

With each rebuy and add-on, the total chips in the tournament will increase. The total chips in rebuy tournaments will be equal to the sum of all players’ starting chips (including any extra starting chips), plus the sum of chips given to all players through a rebuy request and an add-on request. The total chips in the tournament will continue to accumulate as players make rebuy requests, and the final number will be calculated only when the add-on period is over.

If a tournament crashes during the add-on period, the exact count of total chips in the tournament at the time of the crash (including the chips added into the tournament as a result of rebuy and add-on requests) will be used to distribute the balance of the pool’s prize money.

Do shootout tournaments offer rebuys?

There are no rebuys for shootout tournaments.