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What is a bonus code?

In order to be eligible for a bonus offer, you must enter a bonus code (a string of letters or numbers) when making a deposit or registering for an account. You will find bonus codes in various media, including our promotional emails and advertisements on our websites or elsewhere.

What are the different types of bonuses?

Deposit Bonuses are bonuses that players can activate by making a deposit. Some deposit bonuses may have a minimum deposit requirement and the bonus amount offered may be either fixed or a percentage of your total deposit amount:

  • Fixed bonus is the kind of bonus where the amount offered is a fixed amount, e.g., $20 extra on a deposit of $50, which will give you USD 70 to play with.
  • Percentage bonus offers a percentage of your deposit amount (subject to a maximum), e.g., 50% of deposit amount extra up to a maximum of $100, meaning a deposit of $100 would earn you a $50 bonus, giving you $150 for game play.2

What is the expiration date?

All of our bonuses are a limited time offer and players must meet the play requirements before the expiration date. If you are unable to meet the play requirements by the expiration date, the bonus, or a combination of bonus and winning amounts will be removed when the bonus expires.

How many bonuses can I have at one time?

Players can redeem as many bonuses as they have available, however they may only play into (towards) one at a time.

Am I allowed to choose the bonus that is active?

Yes. Click on the rewards button then select the “Bonus” tab, you can use the “Resume” link to activate the bonus that you want. The bonus that is currently active will be paused automatically. You may pause or resume bonuses any number of times.

I have one bonus on poker and another bonus on casino. If I make my casino bonus active, will I be able to clear my poker bonus at the same time?

Yes. If you activate the casino bonus and play poker, your poker activity will be counted toward the poker bonus. Activity on games valid for a bonus will be counted toward the play requirements. In case the two bonuses have overlapping valid games, then the activity on overlapping games is applied to the bonus that is active or was activated earlier if both are paused.

Can I use a bonus code that was offered to a friend or that I found on the Internet?

Some bonus codes are targeted to specific players by our player promotions and marketing teams and therefore cannot be used by another player. Targeted bonus codes are shown in the new bonuses page. Other bonus offers may be offered to all players and are usually part of a wider promotion. Those bonus offers may be advertised on the Promotions section or other pages of our website. Our promotions and marketing teams may use other methods (banners, emails, direct mailers, etc.) to reach you with a bonus offer.

What will happen if I opt out of a bonus?

When you opt out of a bonus, you will no longer be able to claim the extra bonus amount. Upon clicking the “Opt Out” button, you will be shown a confirmation message, indicating any amount that may be claimed back. If you proceed to opt out of the bonus there will be no way to undo it. The forfeiture may claim your bonus or/and winnings back and the play activity will not be applied to any other bonus. Your bonus details will now be visible in the “Bonus history.”

Where can I see my past bonuses?

You can see all your bonuses from the last 12 months on the “Bonus history” page.