How do I become a points member?

Everyone is a member from their first real money transaction onward.

How do I collect points?

You start collecting points right from the first moment with every real-money wager – no matter whether you’re playing at the casino or using your pokerface. For detailed information on how to collect points, please go to the“How to Earn Points” section.

How do I spend my points?

At the Points Store, you can exchange the points you have collected for a range of products: cash and bonuses, clothing and accessories, electronics, and lifestyle and luxury items. To make sure you can find your way around the Points Store as easily as possible, we have arranged our products into practical categories and highlighted our special offers.

How do I become a Bronze/Silver/Gold/Palladium Member?

Everybody starts out as a Bronze member. Good points gatherers can rise to higher status levels. If you place bets, visit the casino or bingo rooms every now and again, show us your poker face or play one of our games, you will have the chance to become a Palladium member. But beware: if you do not collect enough points, you can be downgraded.

When/why can I lose my status?

If you do not collect enough points, you will lose your status. Placing a few bets here and there, playing a little poker, stopping by the casino once in a while or playing one of our games is not enough. If you do not collect enough new points to maintain your status, you will lose your status. The point counter is reset to 0 every month or every quarter, depending on your current loyalty level.

What is the validation period?

The validation period is a 1-month or 3-month trial period, depending on your current loyalty level. Commitment and skill are needed. Every month/quarter, the status is determined and the point counter is reset to 0.

Where can I see my points?

Log in to partypoker and go to the “Loyalty account” page to check your current points. For a detailed overview, check your “Points History” page.

Where can I see my status?

Log in to partypoker and visit the “Loyalty account” page. Your points and the corresponding status are displayed automatically.

Until when can I redeem my points?

If you fail to earn points in 12 consecutive weeks, you will be deemed “inactive” for the purposes of the reward plan.

Once you are inactive, you will lose 5% of your points balance or 5 points, whichever is greater. You will continue to lose 5% or 5 points, whichever is greater, from your points balance for each additional week of inactivity. If you are inactive for 20 consecutive weeks, you will have all remaining points removed from your points account. You will stop being inactive as soon as you earn one point in any week.

How quickly are the points credited to my account?

We always credit the points to your account within 24 hours. But nobody is perfect, therefore we cannot guarantee that there will never be any delays, although we try to keep them to a minimum.

How can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel at any time, but you lose everything – your status and your points. This service is provided free of charge; just contact the Customer Service team.

To which countries does partypoker send goods?

Shipping is worldwide. Certain restrictions and exclusions may apply.

How long, in days, is the delivery period?

This depends on you and your delivery address. However, we try to ensure that the delivery period does not exceed 6 weeks. Please contact our Customer Service team if you’ve been waiting for your parcel for more than 6 weeks. Our staff will take care of it for you.

Are customs charges covered when I buy items in the store?

All standard custom charges will be incorporated into the total points value of the items where applicable.

Will you charge me for postage and packaging?

Yes. Postage and packaging will be incorporated into the total points value of the item purchased.

I am not at home during the day. Can I have my order sent to another address instead?

Of course. You decide where we should send your parcel. But it is important that you provide the correct shipping address at checkout. Changing it later will not guarantee its delivery destination.

What should I do if a delivery is incomplete or damaged?

Please inform us of any damaged items as soon as you notice a problem. Our Customer Service team will take care of this. Contact us and we will find a solution to your problem.

How do I get my points back if I return damaged goods?

As soon as your parcel reaches us and the complaint has been verified, we will credit the points to your account immediately. Postage fees are paid by partypoker if you return the goods within the return period because of damage or erroneous delivery.

Can I pay in the Points Store using other payment methods?

No. Only points are accepted.

How do I use tournament entries bought in the store?

When you visit the lobby and choose the tournament you want to play, you'll be prompted to use either your store-bought freeroll or cash from your account balance. Choose the “Points Store entry” option. Allow 5 minutes or more between buying a tournament entry in the store and enrolling in the tournament. Sometimes there is a delay between purchasing and availability.