Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

What is the Refer a Friend – “Invite Friends” section?

This section allows you to invite new friends using any of the available sharing channels, such as email and social media, or by importing contacts from your web mail account. It also includes a simple, schematic diagram explaining how Refer a Friend works, as well as an overview of your invitation statuses.

What is the Refer a Friend – “Your Invitations” section?

This section gives you complete details of any players you might have referred to us. If a friend was referred by multiple players, the friend can choose the player they want as their “referrer” (by following the invitation relevant link). For each of the invited friends, you are able to see how they were invited and/or registered (email or social media), if they have registered, deposited and qualified (i.e., have met the qualification criteria for releasing your reward), as well as the reward you are eligible for.

In case the reward section is empty, this means that your friend was offered a choice of sign up bonuses, but they have not yet selected one. In case the “Qualified” field is marked with a red dot for a friend of yours, this means that they are not eligible to complete the qualifying criteria (e.g., they accepted an invitation from someone else, their sign-up bonus expired or they forfeited their bonus before completing the qualifying event).

Please note: If you are a play money player (i.e., not deposited), you will still be able to “Refer a Friend;” however, you will be eligible to receive your reward only when you become a real money player.

What is the Refer a Friend – “How it Works” section?

This section offers details on the Refer a Friend program and also includes details on all bonuses, restrictions, qualifying events and rewards that are currently in place.

May I repeat the invitation process?

Yes, you can repeat the invitation process using any of the offered sharing channels as many times as you like for inviting different friends. For security reasons, there is a daily limit in place, allowing you to send a maximum of 100 email invitations per day.

Can I add friends through the Refer a Friend page?

If you are trying to invite someone who is already a player with us through “Import contacts,” you will see the “Add friend” icon next to their name/email address. By clicking this icon, you will send a friend invitation so that you two can be connected. If you are already friends, you will see the “Friends” icon next to their name. For some of your contacts that are already players with us, you will see neither “Add friend” nor “Friends” icons. This means you have already sent “Friends” invitations to these contacts and approval is still pending.