How do I qualify for the Palladium Lounge?

Membership of the Palladium Lounge is strictly by invitation only. We invite any player who earns a minimum of 9,000 points in a calendar quarter (i.e., January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December). As soon as you reach this target, you will automatically be granted Palladium Lounge membership. Your Palladium Lounge membership will be guaranteed for the following calendar quarter. However, you must earn at least 9,000 points in that quarter to maintain your membership in the subsequent calendar quarter.

As a Palladium member, what can I expect?

The Palladium Lounge provides an exceptional level of service for its members. We offer exclusive promotions, a committed 24/7 Customer Service team, plus loads of other benefits you won't find anywhere else. Our aim is to use the Points Store to reward our Palladium Lounge members with up to 30% of their contribution. We'll also be running regular offline events and parties exclusively for members of the Palladium Lounge.

Will there be promotions exclusively for Palladium members? If so, where can I find details?

Most of the promotions we'll offer will be either exclusive to our Palladium Lounge members or upgraded versions of our regular promotions. You can find details of all of these promotions in the “Rewards” section of the lobby.

Will you be organizing exclusive parties for VIP players?

We'll hold regular special events for our Palladium Lounge members to give you the high life you deserve, introduce you to members of your Palladium Lounge team and give you the chance to provide feedback on the services we have to offer. Don't forget to keep an eye on your email inbox for further details.

How will Palladium Lounge members gain invites to offline events?

Players will be invited to events based on a number of criteria including their proximity to the events, interest in the type of event offered and their level of play with us. Members will also be able to play their way to events, meaning everyone has a chance to be a part of these Palladium Lounge specials.

As a Palladium Lounge member, will I be invited to sporting or musical events?

We strive to cater for all tastes and preferences, so we'll make sure we offer free tickets to events such as football, boxing, soccer, hockey and concerts.

Will you offer rake back?

The cash and bonuses offered to Palladium Lounge members in the Points Store will give you incredible value. The percentage rake back or value for points is displayed in the store next to each item.

I can't earn the 9,000 points per calendar quarter needed to enter the Palladium Lounge. Is there another way I can join?

We'll be extending invitations to some players who do not reach the quarterly points target based on their play with us. If you feel your play qualifies you for special consideration, please get in touch with us and we'll advise you as to how you can become a member without changing your gaming patterns.