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What can I do with my friends?

Once you have become friends with another player, you can interact with them by commenting on newsfeed events, sharing your proudest moments and viewing more information about your friend.

How do I search and add a friend?

After you log in, there are various locations and methods that allow you to search for and add friends. ,

  • Find and add friends from the “Find friends” page: From the “Find friends” page, you can search for friends by screen name, by their email address or by allowing our system to look up contacts from your web mail account, like Gmail or Yahoo.

  • Screen name: Select the “Screen name” button, and as you type (at least 3 characters) of your friend’s screen name in the text box, the most relevant results begin to display

  • Email address: Select the “Email address” button, type your friend’s email address in the text box and hit enter to see players to whom you can send a friend request

  • Web mail provider: Click one of the available web mail methods (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and enter your email login credentials when prompted (make sure that your browser enables pop-ups). When asked if you agree to share information with the system, click “Agree and allow access.” Contacts in the system will be shown; you can add players as friends by clicking “Add.”
  • You can also invite contacts to join the site from this page. We do not send an email automatically; you select who to invite from a list that appears after you click the “Refer a Friend” button 

  • Find and add friends from the lobby: You can find and add friends from the player info panel in the lobby. When you are in classic view mode of the lobby and you select a table, you can see the players sitting at the table on the right-hand side. Hover over a player’s screen name to see their mini-profile with an option to send a friend request.

  • Find and add friends from the table: You can find and add friends directly from the table. Right-click on another player’s mini-profile or on click on the arrow at the bottom right corner to see a drop-down list of options. If you select “Add friend,” a friend request will be sent to the player.
  • What does “People you may know” mean?

    “People you may know” refers to automatic system suggestions that help you find and connect with other players you may know. The formula is automatic and is based on various factors combined to suggest players that you most likely know or who may have the same gaming preferences. While viewing your suggestions, you can add suggested players as friends. Since our formula is automatic, you might occasionally see players you don’t want to be friends with. To remove them from view, just click the X next to their names.

    What is “Activity feed?”

    The Activity feed is located in the left-hand column of your Friends overview page. It is a constantly updating list of events from your friends. Activity Feed only includes events that are public. Each entry in the stream has a visibility icon that is not clickable. If you want to change the visibility of a specific event, go to the “My Profile” tab, where you can control the visibility settings for each piece of content you post.

    Who can send me friend requests?

    By default, any system player can send you a friend request. However, you can change who can send you friend requests on the page.

    Who can search me by email address?

    By default, any system player can search you in the system using your email address. However, you can change this setting on the “Privacy Settings” tab.

    Who can search for me through connected accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)?

    By default, any player can search for you using any of the available methods that they can connect other accounts (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc). If you are in their contact list, then you will be shown in the results, after the system scrapes their contact list. However, you can change this setting and not be visible even if you are in their external account contact list by going to the “Privacy Settings” tab.

    How do I unfriend or remove a friend?

    To unfriend someone, go to your page, hover over your friend’s screen name or avatar and click the “Unfriend” button.

    If I unfriend someone, will they be notified?

    No. All friends’ links are reciprocal, which means that players need to bilaterally agree on being friends before the relationship is established. So you will be removed as a friend from their friend list as well.

    How do I block someone?

    Block is a one-way action that prevents another player from communicating with you. While sitting at a table, right click on the player you wish to block, and click “Disable Chat” You can block a player that is not your friend, and you can block a player that you are friends with too. 

    If I block someone, will they be notified?

    When you block someone, we won’t proactively notify them. But since blocking someone limits the interactions that player can have with you, they may figure out that they’ve been blocked.

    Where can I see the players that I have blocked?

    To see the list of people you’ve blocked, go to page and click on the “Manage blocked players” link to get the list of blocked players.

    How do I unblock someone?

    To unblock someone, go to page, click “Manage blocked players” link to get the list of blocked players and click the “Unblock” button. Please note that if you unblock a player, you have to wait 48 hours to re-block them.