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What are Missions?

Missions are a fun new type of challenge where you complete objectives to show your poker prowess..

What happens when I complete a Mission?

Completing a mission checks it off the list and allows you to begin making progress toward another goal.

Why can I only have 1 Mission active?

So you can focus all your attention on challenging yourself!

How do I start a Mission?

Open the “Missions” page and find a Mission you'd like to start. Click on it to open its details. In the bottom left of the detailed information page, you will find a “Start” button.

I started a Mission but I want to change to a different one, can I do so?

Yes. Even though you can only have 1 mission active at any one time, you can always pause your current Mission and start a different one. Simply open the Mission you want to pause and click the “Pause” button. NOTE: If you pause a Mission that has time-limited objectives, these will be reset.

My current Mission has a time limit, how do I see how much time I have left?

Simply open the Mission details by clicking on your current Mission.

What happens if time runs out on my current Mission objective?

The objective will be restarted as soon as you come back and play again.