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What is my profile?

Your profile is a public profile page that shows game-related data about you: recent games you've played, Achievements you earn or hands you share.

Who can see my profile?

The contents of your player profile are customizable. Just click the “Friends” button on the left hand side, and then click the “Privacy Settings” tab. You can then adjust the visibility of specific items and actions.

What can I do with my profile?

The profile is a full-featured social gaming identity for online poker. Features include:,

  • An activity feed that automatically displays your poker accomplishments and recent activity

  • Integration with your in-game player picture

  • Achievements page that shows off your Achievements

  • Commenting feature that lets you post messages on your feed
  • What is the activity feed?

    The Activity feed is located in the left-hand column of your Friends overview page. It is a constantly updating list of events from your friends. Activity Feed only includes events that are public. Each entry in the stream has a visibility icon that is not clickable. If you want to change the visibility of a specific event, go to the “My Profile” tab, where you can control the visibility settings for each piece of content you post.

    My age/location/gender is incorrectly displayed. How do I change this?

    The age/location/gender information displayed in your profile is the same as is configured in your account. If it is wrong, please update your account with the correct information.

    How do I change my player picture?

    Player pictures are unable to be changed at this time.

    I want to hide some information that is shown in my profile, how do I do this?

    Open the “Privacy Settings” tab to manage visibility of profile items.

    Some people are posting abusive comments on my profile, what can I do?

    You can delete any posts on your profile, you can block the users in question, or you can contact our Customer Service Team.

    Why are there two profile pages in the client, one under Achievements and one under Friends?

    Although similar looking, these two pages are slightly different:, The “Achievements section overview” page is an overview page of all your activity and includes information that is not visible on your profile, but only visible to you The “Profile overview” page is shown exactly as it would appear to other users. You can change whether to “Friends” or to “Everyone” in the top bar. It includes your player picture and bio data as well as your activity feed.