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Tournament Rules

The following rules will apply to all tournaments unless otherwise stated.


1. Sit & Go tournaments start the moment the required number of players takes a seat.

2. Multi-table tournaments start at predetermined times and all players are seated randomly.

3. Late registration is available in some multi-table tournaments. Registration is considered closed when any of the following occurs:

  • The first level of the tournament is completed
  • One player is eliminated from the tournament
  • All available seats are filled
  • Maximum tournament capacity is reached

4. We also offer extended late registration at selected multi-table tournaments. Registration will remain open beyond level 1, which means it can be open until the end of level 2, level 3 or even further.

The extended late registration period is considered closed under the following conditions:

  • The level specified in the 'Tournament info' window in the Lobby is reached.
  • The tournament's maximum capacity is reached.
  • When the tournament has awarded the first prize rank
  • At the end of Add-On and Rebuy period

5. Players are allowed to unregister from a Sit & Go tournament as long as not all the seats have been filled.

6. Players are allowed to unregister from a multi-table tournament up to 15 minutes before the tournament start time if the registration is still open. Players who register less than 15 minutes before the tournament start time will not be able to unregister.

7. Players can unregister from tournaments that allow late registrations until 15 minutes before play begins.


8. All players in tournaments will have to to post all blinds and/or antes. Players that are not present and ready to play will be blinded/anted off.

9. There will be a five-minute break every hour in all scheduled tournaments, unless otherwise stated.

10. Players moved to a new table will be dealt in to the game as soon as possible.

11. In general, each player will post a small blind and a big blind every round. Collapsing tables and moving players mean it is possible that any of the following may occur at any time:

  • A player may be forced to post the big blind more than once per round
  • A player may be positioned with the button for more than one hand
  • A player may skip one or both blinds in a round

Since these are random occurrences, no player will receive any long-term advantage, and the rule is necessarily fair for all players.

12. In community card games, such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha, players 'high card' to determine the starting position of the Dealer Button. If two players get the same high card, the suit preference of spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs will determine who starts with the button.

13. A player is eliminated when he loses all of his chips in all instances, except in rebuy tournaments.

14. In limit tournaments (fixed betting), there will be one bet and three raises in each betting round. When only two players remain, there is no limit on the number of raises. In pot-limit and no-limit tournaments, there are no limits on the number of raises whatsoever.

15. When two players remain, the player due to assume the big blind will do so, and the small blind will inherit the button. The small blind or button will act first, prior to the flop and second after the flop.

16. If two (or more) players from the same table are eliminated on the same hand, the player who started the hand with the most chips will be awarded the higher finishing position.

17. If two (or more) players from different tables are eliminated on the same hand, the prize money will be equally divided among all the players who finished with the same rank. They will each be assigned the lowest rank.

18. When tournament is running hand-for-hand, and two or more players are eliminated on the same hand (from the same table or from different tables), the player who started the hand with the most chips will be awarded the higher finishing position.

19. All players are expected to follow established poker etiquette. Any players who abuse proper etiquette may be disqualified from the tournament.

20. Soft playing is not allowed in tournaments. Soft playing is a situation in which a player does not bet his or her hand to its full potential with the intent of helping another player advance further in the tournament.

21. Players who do not act on their hand in time ('time out') will be automatically folded.

22. Tournaments will go into 'hand-for-hand' mode at pre-determined times. This allows tables to play the exact same number of hands at critical times.

Cancellation policy

Sit & Go tournaments: If a tournament is cancelled for technical reasons, any player who was eliminated prior to cancellation will lose his or her buy-in and entry fee. The remaining players will be refunded their buy-ins and entry fees and will equally divide the buy-in monies (from the players already eliminated), regardless of their chip count when the tournament was cancelled.

Multi-table tournaments

If a tournament is cancelled for technical reasons, the following refund policy will take effect:

Play money and freeroll tournaments: Cancelled tournaments without a real money buy-in are considered to have not been played. This includes play money tournaments, play money freerolls, and real money freerolls. The prize pools for these tournaments will not be redistributed, and no compensation will be awarded to players who are still in the tournament at the time of cancellation.

Rebuy tournaments: With each rebuy and add-on, the total chips in the tournament will increase. The total chips in rebuy tournaments will be equal to the sum of all players’ starting chips (including extra starting chips, if any) plus the sum of chips given players received through a rebuy request plus the sum of chips given to all players through an add-on request. The total chips in the tournament will continue to accumulate as players make a rebuy request and the final number will be calculated only when the add-on period is over.

If a tournament crashes during the add-on period, the exact count of total chips in the tournament at the time of crash (including the chips added into the tournament as a result of rebuy and add-on requests) will be used to distribute the balance of the prize pool money.

23. This tournament Disconnection and Cancellation Policy applies to all tournaments.

24. A Sit & Go tournament will be cancelled if all players have been disconnected and 50 hands have been played before they can be reconnected.

25. If a sufficient number of players do not buy-in to a tournament, prior to the end of the registration period, we reserve the right to cancel the tournament.

26. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule tournaments at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. We reserve the right to amend our poker tournament rules and policies at any time without notice. Such amendments will take effect as soon as they are listed in the 'Tournament rules' section of the website. It is the player's sole responsibility to review the tournament rules and policies before entering a tournament.

27. The poker tournament rules and policies contained herein represent the complete understanding between the player and the site with respect to the player's activities at any tournament, except as otherwise specified in any poker tournament rules pertaining to a particular tournament, as posted on the website.

28. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, all use of the website by a player is governed by the terms and conditions of use. In the event of any dispute, these terms and conditions of use will apply.