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Tournament types

There are many different tournament types for players to choose from at BORGATAPOKER.COM. Below, you can find out more about them in theory, but of course the best way to learn is to get stuck in and play!

Multi-table tournaments

Multi-table is the classic poker tournament format. Anywhere from a dozen, up to many thousands, of poker players start playing across multiple tables. As players get knocked out, the tables are collapsed until only one table is left: the final table.

Sit & Go Tournaments

Sit ‘n’ Go is a variation of a mini poker tournament, with all the players at a set number of tables — usually a single table. Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments are fast, allowing players to fit in a quick game when there’s not enough time for a full-on tournament. There is also no waiting around for a Sit & Go to start – we shuffle up and deal as soon as the table fills up.


In Shootouts, each table is like a mini-tournament in itself where you play down until there are 3 players left. Those 3 players will then move on to the next round – at a new full table – where they’ll play down to 3 again. It keeps going until there’s only 1 player left. One of the main perks of Shootouts is that more places get paid.


In this twist on the tournament format, players face their opponents one at a time.

Knockout tournaments

Knocking an opponent out of a tournament is always a guilty pleasure. It becomes even more rewarding in a Knockout tournament, where you earn an extra cash prize for each eliminated player.


Losing chips in a Rebuy tournament is never a big deal – players can always buy more! With so many extra chips in play, Rebuy tournaments can pay out some very large prizes.

Tournament Rules

On top of the rules relating to a particular tournament or promotion, BorgataPoker.com has a set of rules that apply to all tournaments. If you ever need to, you can refer to them here.

Break Time

Most of our tournaments break at 55 minutes past the hour, for five minutes. If you’re playing more than one tournament at a time, they will all go on a break at the same time, which should leave you with enough time to grab a bite, a drink, or run to the bathroom.

Tournament Alerts

Our calendar feature, “My Tournaments,” sends players reminder emails and pop-ups, ensuring you never miss a tournament again.

Making a deal

When a tournament reaches the final table, the players have an option to divide up the prize pool there and then, instead of playing on till the end (this comes in handy in the event a game has gone on for too long). This is called “making a deal.”

If you would like to make a deal, you will click “Yes” next to “Make a deal.” If everyone else at the table is up for it, a special deal-making chat window will pop up, where you can agree on how much each player will get paid. If you don’t agree with the deal, you can click “Exit” and go back to playing poker.

Tournament Dollars

In case you win more than one entry to a tournament, any extra entries will be swapped for Tournament Dollars (T$). Players can use T$ as a buy-in to any real money or Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments, except one-on-one Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments.

To check your T$ balance, go to the “My Overview” page in your account.

If you don’t have enough T$ to enter a tournament, the buy-in window of the tournament will show you how to enter with a combination of T$ and cash. You can also choose whether to use T$ or cash first if both options are available.

Players can also set up their preferred buy-in option in their account’s “Options” setting.