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Bounty tournaments

What is Bounty Poker?

There’s no better feeling than winning a pot in a tournament — especially when you can take out your opponents in the process. Watching a player’s entire chip stack push in your direction and knowing that you’re one step closer to the final table is beyond thrilling. And online bounty poker takes things to a whole new level.

With real money online bounty poker tourneys, you get paid each time you take out a player. That means you can win a lot of money without even making the final table.

How to Play

Chances are you already know how to play bounty poker tournaments. That’s because bounty poker doesn’t come with a whole new set of rules. Instead, it’s the game you know and love with an extra incentive.

A bounty poker tournament might be a No limit Hold’em event. But how you buy-in is a bit different. For example, a traditional $215 buy-in tournament where $200 goes to the prize pool and $15 goes to the house might still cost $215 for the same bounty event, but $175 goes to the prize pool, $15 goes to the house, and $25 goes towards the bounty.

How to Win

When you take someone out of the tournament, you get their bounty. If someone takes you out, they get your bounty. In a traditional bounty format, the maximum bounty you can win is that player’s bounty – not all the bounties that the player you took out has accumulated. That means if you’ve taken out 10 players and won $250 in bounties and then someone takes you out, they’ll win your $25 bounty and nothing more.

One more thing: To win a bounty, you must have all chips on the table covered for all players in the hand.